Adoption Attorney

Caring for a New Child

Adoption is the legal process used to permanently transfer all rights and responsibilities for the caretaking and parenting of a child from the original parent(s).  Considering the stakes and multitude of issues related to legal adoption, it's critical that an expert adoption attorney be consulted.  While the process for adopting a child(ren) can be intimidating and confusing to individuals, it is probably one of the most rewarding responsibilities assumed by an attorney.  

Employing Specialized Solutions

Adoption has earned its reputation as a complex and time-consuming legal process. Each specific instance requires careful planning, thorough attention to detail and professional guidance throughout. Whether you are seeking a step-parent adoption, a direct open/closed adoption, an international adoption or another more unique legal arrangement, Voss law has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the maze of background checks, manage the delicate interpersonal communication, research pertinent background and medical histories, and complete all necessary paperwork.

Creating a Family

Voss law recognizes that adoption is an incredibly powerful and life-affirming event, and wants to make sure our clients understand the multitude of options and paths that can be taken in the creation of an extended family. From the initial free consultation to the day you take your child home, we will walk you through the steps, and stand beside you as we represent your interests and objectives with the birth parents, adoption agencies and family court judges you encounter.

Fulfilling Your Dreams

Voss Law has been privileged to be involved in a wide range of adoption scenarios dealing with Maryland adoption law and has the experience necessary to help you fulfill your dreams of an extended family.  Call (410) 457-7272 for information on beginning the adoption process.