Domestic Violence Lawyer

The Sad Truth of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence involves any violent, forceful, or threatening and abusive speech or action inflicted on another. Unfortunately, the vast majority of domestic violence incidences go unreported as the victims quietly suffer through repeated patterns of abuse. If you or someone you know has experienced this serious offense, protection is available.  

Seeking Protection

Although the legal system offers extensive protection to victims of domestic violence, the process for seeking and securing that legal protection is not always clear to those who need it most. We understand this uncertainty and want to make sure our clients are aware of and protected by both the short-term (Interim and Temporary Orders of Protection) and the long-term (Final Orders of Protection) measures available to them.

Fighting False Allegations

Though no accusation of domestic violence should be lightly regarded, there are certainly cases of fabricated and vindictive allegations that deserve investigation and defense. Considering the civil and criminal consequences that may accompany an accusation of domestic violence, it is critical that those affected seek counsel immediately to begin taking the appropriate corrective action.

Educating and Empowering

At Voss Law, we believe that respect for and proper consideration of the sanctity of the law are the best assurance for its successful application.  That's why we are dedicated to educating and empowering anyone who has been the victim of domestic violence, as well as victim of false accusations.  Contact us today for a discreet, confidential consultation.