Property Settlement

Dividing Assets

A property settlement is a legal agreement entered into by a husband and wife to provide for the division of their collective assets in connection with a divorce.  These settlements must be agreed to by both parties, then approved by the court.  Once they are approved, they serve as the blueprint and contract for the enforcement of the agreed-upon asset separation.  Property settlements generally relate to matters of assets, but can also contain additional items such as alimony or child custody.

Reaching a Realistic Financial Understanding

The equitable division of property between parties of divorce can be a complicated matter requiring extensive mediation and fair assessments.  That's why we work with accountants, appraisers and professional valuators to ensure that a realistic financial understanding is reached, and that a complete analysis of both assets and liabilities is used to create a truly fair settlement. 

Considering the Effects

At Voss Law, we always proceed with our clients' best interests in mind.  We understand the long-term effects that property settlements can have on every party involved in a divorce.  That's why we work to negotiate favorable, but reasonable agreements (including alimony as appropriate), then manage all aspects of their enforcement to ensure that all assets are promptly and properly surrendered.

Carrying Out Settlements

Voss Law has extensive experience in preparing and negotiating property settlements, utilizing real-world knowledge and an understanding of each provision within the negotiated agreement.  If you are considering divorce and/or need advice or assistance regarding the division of your collective assets, call Voss Law at (410) 457-7272 or contact us through our online form.