Child Abuse/Neglect Lawyer

Dealing with a Delicate Subject

Child neglect and abuse laws categorize abuse as any caretaker action or lack of action that results in the death, serious emotional and/or physical harm, or exploitation of a child.  Upon a report of abuse or neglect, child protective services, law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys act quickly. That’s why this delicate subject and with serious consequences is not something to be taking lightly or treated with inaction.

Fighting False Allegations

While child abuse and neglect are serious allegations that require investigation by the local department of social services and child protective services, not all accusations are made in earnest.Sometimes the neighbors, relatives or anonymous strangers that file the report have simply made errors in judgment or may be attempting to game the system. Voss Law is ready to fight for you to clear your name and invalidate false allegations of abuse or neglect.

Preserving Families

Given the gravity of abuse and neglect, the speed and intensity of procedures designed to protect children from neglect and abuse can result in unfortunate and devastating measures. We understand such circumstances and work with all haste through all legal means to quickly restore custody and preserve families.

Protecting Your Most Precious Assets

While child abuse and neglect can be one of the most sensitive subjects in the legal lexicon, it is a critically important one that requires professionalism, experience and full knowledge of the law and procedure. We have this required knowledge and experience to help you and your family.   Please contact us immediately at (410) 457-7272 for a comprehensive and confidential consultation.