Military Divorce Attorney

Requiring Special Consideration

Military divorce often requires special consideration and treatment related to filing, obtaining service, complying with military rules and regulations and dividing benefits (particulary pensions).  For example, the federal law governing the division of military pensions, the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act,(USFSPA)provides that only the state where the military member lives has the power to divide the military pension in a divorce. Filing in the incorrect jurisdiction may limit a spouse's ability to secure any pension benefits. It's important that individuals contemplating a military divorce secure competent legal representation that will help them to successfully address all of the unique issues involved in a military divorce.

Recognizing Civilian and Military Distinctions

Although state courts have the authority to treat certain benefits associated with the military as marital property subject to distribution, there are special timing rules, restrictions and other procedures which make military divorces complex. It is therefore imperative to have an attorney familiar with these issues.

Handling the Unique Challenges

Voss Law has successfully helped countless clients with military divorce and military retirement issues--for both military members and their dependents-- and has the proven competence to handle all of the details and challenges involved with these types of divorces and separations.  Contact us to learn more about the military divorce process.