Maryland Divorce Lawyer

Dissolving a Marriage

A divorce is a family law decree entered by a circuit court that officially and legally dissolves a marriage and creates new legal relationships between the former husband and wife.  It typically includes the outline for the separation of duties and responsibilities relating to assets and liabilities, ownership and use of property, any designated spousal support and the ongoing custody and support of children.  Although separation or divorce can be a serious challenge for everyone involved, the resolution offered by a divorce is often the best result for those couples that are unable to resolve their disagreements and marital issues. 

Divorce Mediation as an Alternative

Mediation involves a cooperative option for couples willing to attempt the resolution of their marital property, custodial and financial issues without the conflict and costs associated with contested litigation. This process offers the potential for significant savings in financial loss and emotional struggle, and allows them more control in the outcome.

Guiding You Through Divorce Ligitation

Voss Law has been guiding individuals through the complex and emotional legal landscape of separation and divorce for years, helping them to understand the implications of each decision and potential outcome.  We work hard to create equitable financial arrangements and fair and productive custody arrangements that minimize the impact of your separation or divorce. Ultimately, our job as your divorce lawyer is to assist you in making the best choice for the future of your family.

A New Beginning

While divorce can be a difficult ending for the spouses we work with, it is also a new beginning for the individuals that emerge. That’s why we fight in court to level the playing field and make sure assets and responsibilities are fairly distributed. This ensures our clients are given the best opportunity for a fresh start once the legal proceedings are finalized.

If you are separated and wondering which legal path is right for you, contact us for a comprehensive consultation.  We know you'll benefit from our combined mediation and trial experience in divorce, family, custody, financial, and related matters and we want to help.