Maryland Child Custody and Support Lawyer

Assigning Caretaking Responsibilities

Child custody and child support are the court's assignment of care-taking and monetary support responsibilities for a child following a separation/divorce ,or if the parties have never married or lived together and cannot agree on these decisions. This can involve any number of details concerning a child's physical well-being (place of residence, health care responsibilities, etc), their emotional and intellectual well-being (education, activities, etc.), their financial well-being (support, etc.), and their spiritual well-being (religion, discipline, etc.).  Ultimately, these decisions are best made through the compromise of both parents,  but often times such comprises cannot be achieved. When the parents cannot reach a compromise or agreement, the courts have the authority to determine the legal rights regarding any or all of the aspects of the ongoing care and support of children.

Overcoming Assumptions

There is a common misconception that primary residential custody is predetermined, and that children will always be placed with their maternal parent.  However, this is not always the case and should not be accepted as a foregone conclusion before a consultation with an attentive and knowledgeable attorney.  Regardless of your situation, we are ready to analyze and discuss your situation with you and assist you in bringing about the best solution for you and your family.

Securing Your Parental Rights

At Voss Law, we believe that parenting rights shouldn't diminish as a result of divorce or separation, so we fight tirelessly to ensure as much access, involvement and decision-making capabilities for the non-custodial parent as possible.  We have helped hundreds of non-custodial parents enforce their agreements, modify existing parenting plans and schedules and ensure grandparent visitation rights. 

Working Out the Best Arrangements

We have the proven experience to assist parents in working out the best custodial arrangement for their children's future, and we're ready to help you.  If you're seeking sensitive, unbiased legal advice and zealous advocacy with your child custody and support matter, call us at (410) 457-7272 today --prompt planning and action are always the best course.